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Favorite Mommy Accessories – For Mommy and for the Home

I’m not one to wear a lot of jewelry.  Anything good I’ve had has been lost, stolen, broken, or collects dust in my jewelry box.  I’d rather throw on a chunky scarf than find a necklace to wear, but….there are two necklaces that I found that I just couldn’t pass up.  And, believe it or […]

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Baby Pictures? Yes You Can!

Warning:  Amateur Mommy advice to follow!  I am not a photographer, but have learned to hold my own and take some pretty good pictures…(ok at least I think so.) A few months before I had my son, I invested in a DSLR camera.  My searches for this camera included googling:  easiest DSLR ever invented for […]

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Book Trailer

The book trailer for The Best Place For Me is now available for viewing on You Tube!  Visit:  If you haven’t ordered your copy, this will give you a great look inside The Best Place For Me.  If you have, then take a look anyway!  :)  Thanks everyone!

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Mommy Lifesavers

I want to tell everyone about the tools that have been lifesavers to me over the past 14 months.  There are some things on this list that I’m not sure I would have survived without!  I’d love to get your thoughts on all of your “lifesavers” and recommendations you may have going into toddlerhood. 1. […]

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