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Drum roll please!!  Here is the final design mock up for The Best Place For Me!  We went through a few rounds of options and I think that CreateSpace has done an excellent job of creating the look and feel that I wanted.  I wanted to share with you a little about the process.  

First, I was given two options to choose from, both were very good and I was able to provide feedback, take the best aspects from each option, and combine them together.  I also requested a third option, one using one of my favorite illustrations from the book, my Paris lovebirds.  I felt that the birds might make for a more gender neutral cover.  I had already written my back cover copy that talks about hopping on a balloon, so when I got the new cover option, it just didn’t capture what I wanted and the colors just weren’t as eye catching. I took into careful consideration a conversation from my Facebook fan page about colors and what may deter parents of boys from choosing a book that might have some pink on the cover.  I asked the design team to change the back a bit (originally it had giant pink stripes) and use colors that were more appealing to parents of both boys and girls.  I did not want to change the colors on the front, just the back.  And voila!  Here it is.  I’m really happy with the outcome.

In just a few shorts weeks, I will be receiving final proofs of both the cover and the interior.  Once these are approved, the book will be on it’s way to being available on Amazon for purchase.  So far this has been a really great experience.  Now…the hard part begins!  Marketing and selling!  I would love to hear any out of the box (heck, I’ll take inside the box too!) recommendation you might have to getting the word out about The Best Place For Me and getting it into the hands of parents and their little ones!


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  1. Marsha Kuykendall says:

    Amy what a wonderful talent you have, I cannot wait to read your beautiful childrens books.

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