Tuesday Tidbits: The Best Random Website E.V.E.R

Have you ever been a little bored and picked up your laptop or tablet and wanted to randomly search the internet?  You pull up Google and then…nothing.  You draw a complete blank and can think of nothing at all to google!  At least nothing you haven’t already searched for a million times over.  It’s always the same old same old sites for me, Facebook, Twitter, my favorite blogs, and then I start to run out of places to surf.  I want to find some little pot of gold at the end of the internet rainbow, I want Google to just be like, “Hey here, this is what you want to read, right?” And then I’ll say, “Oh Google, thanks!  You know me so well.”  Ok anyway, so here it is.  I’m probably the LAST person to discover this and I’m upset no one has told me about this sooner.  It’s probably the greatest thing I’ve found since Pinterest.  www.stumbleupon.com  Have you heard of this??

Here is the dealy:  You go to Stumble Upon and you pick a slew of things that you are interested in.  Books, Babies, Fashion, Fitness, Health and Nutrition, Dogs, whatever.  Then, you hit this little Stumble button on top of the screen and it randomly gives you websites that meet your interest.  If you like one, well you hit the little thumbs up and if you don’t, you hit the thumbs down, sort of like Pandora, but for random information.  You can make up lists like boards on Pinterest.  It shows you what is trending, what’s popular, you can filter your random stumbles for a particular topic.  It’s great.  It’s way better than any other type of stumbling I’ve done before, which usually was the result of too many beverages.  Here are some of the interesting things I found by stumbling last night:

Stuff about Babies:

Source:  Lifeasahuman.com

Source: Lifeasahuman.com

How cute is this??

Remember the pictures you saw on pinterest of the little baby sleeping and the mom/photographer posed the baby in cool positions with things she had laying around the house?  Here is a new twist from her where she drew over pictures she took of a sleeping baby, you’ll love this, promise!  Cool Sleeping Baby Pics  Did you know that there was a Disney Baby Blog?  If you did, you’re 10 steps ahead of me because I didn’t.  Well here is a great post from their blog on 10 things you probably didn’t know about babies:  Disney Baby Blog – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Babies

Things for the Family:

Since it is pre-season for NFL, it’s time to start coming up with some cool food ideas for your favorite little (or big) football fans.  Check out this site by clicking on the picture below with some cool recipes and ideas like this walking taco, who doesn’t love a taco, especially one that walks?

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 8.22.23 PM

Source: justshortofcrazy.com





Source:  Womensday.com

Source: Womensday.com





Labor Day is coming up, so why not plan a picnic one day during the holiday weekend?  Here is a link to some great tools to bring with you (Again, click picture).

Here is a list of 51 easy party recipes to add to your Labor Day plans.  I’m all about EASY because you may have heard me mention that cooking is not really my most favorite thing on the planet to do.  And these look easy and tasty..like these S’more wontons found on iVillage.com .

And here is the last one for the night:  10 Basic Truths about keeping your relationship healthy (not that I’m Miss Give Advice About Healthy Relationships because let’s face it, I’m a single mom, key word:  single), but it seem legit.  They are calling it”  Emotional Fitness.

Source:  iVillage.com

Source: iVillage.com

Ok, that’s all for this week folks.  I’m sending you off to stumble on your own.  I’d love to hear what sort of fantastic finds you run into.

Also, if you’ve already heard about this site, please just let me think I discovered it for all of my friends even though I found it from someone I follow on Twitter…

Have a happy week!



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